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29 Nov 2009

Eltonites About Bob Birch

It is nice to see Bob Birch being highlighted here. I have to say that Bob seems to be an underrated (by the fans) bass guitarist / backing vocalist. Hard to believe but Bob has been EJ's bassist longer than anyone - even Dee Murray. When EJ and the band came to Toronto earlier this year for the "Face-to-Face" shows I thought that Bob really stood out. The sound was magnificent and Bob sounded tremendous! I don't like to compare musicians because each has their own something special...but Bob and Nigel, as a rhythm section, were pretty hard to beat that night! Bob seemes to really enjoy playing with EJ - lots of small bits of interaction between them live. Thankfully, he seems to have recovered fully (after years of pain) from that pedestrian vs. truck accident in Montreal back on the MADE IN ENGLAND tour in 1995. Thanks for all the great music Bob!(DougS)

"Bob is a great guy. Had a chance to meet and chat with him in Gainsville, Florida." (Missy Gyms)

"Cool interview! I knew there was a reason Bob is one of my faves....Blues for Baby and Me AND Harmony in his top 5 list!!" (Harmony59)

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