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6 May 2008

The Story Behind "Don't Go Breaking My Heart"

The song came when Elton, at the Rock Of The Westies sessions, asked to Gus Dudgeon to listen a new tune. "I was messing around in the studio on the electric piano and came up with the title line" explained Elton. "Don't go breaking my heart" he sang and played. Agreeing that the tune had potential, he put the tape on. It was another time that Elton obligue Bernie to turn a title into a song, this a duet for him and Kiki Dee. Bernie, who got the call in the midnight because he was vacationing in Barbados, wanted to listen first the tune before working on the lyrics. At last, Bernie send off the lyrics signing as "Carte Blanche" (a do-what-you-wanted-to-do), and Elton signed with the pseudonym Ann Orson.

The voice of Kiki was added before Elton's recording, who first sang the whole song while Dudgeon buttoned out Kiki's part. The string arrangement provided by James Newton-Howard was added later. The first time Kiki sang with Elton together, was for the video shoot.

The single became the years' most popular in sales and airplay terms in the U.S. In England, Elton got finally his first number one single: "When I heard it was number one, I rang everybody I knew to tell them" said Elton very excited.

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