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24 Apr 2016

Eltonites About Superhuman

"The new album of the cellist Martin Tillman "Superhuman" it's a journey through meticulous musicals harmonies. A  experience provided by a talented musician who knows how to exploit all the possibilities of the cello. What a delight to discover that each time we hear the album,   there will always be a new and fantastic way to feel the songs. Our ears are thankful to hear  this wonderful work!" (Vera Piovezan, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

Some songs are a mixed between Tubular Bells and Jean Michel Jarre. The song I like most at first sight is "The Invisible Shield Of Strings And Bows". I think this is the essence of all the cd and maybe it's the most completed ,in melodically terms, with cello and piano. Also I would remark "Wonder" and "Involuntary Midnights". But as I said before, "Invisible" makes me feel very beautiful emotions. Not long time ago, I saw a film about one man who was waiting in the train station, because his promised girl had to go to Himalaya to recovering. He had hopes, while waiting, that she would not be at time and couldn't depart. When he saw her arriving, he started to cry because it was certain he would lost her for ever most. Hugs and kisses showing all their love. But music there hasn't filled with the scene. When I heard Tillman's song I certainly remember that should be the perfect track for the film. Thanks to Mr. Tillman for fullfilled with your music that scene that captivates me (Jon Jon, Vic, Spain)

The Music of Martin Tillman is, in an instant, reminiscent of the dance era. The offerings of the music easily accommodate the "Club Scene" as well as a solo introspective time upon the warm sands of beach. This music, and each track of "SUPERHUMAN" will evoke a different emotion, thought, image, and interpretation by each who listen. Moreover are the undoubted visual images of one's mind painted as the music progresses seamlessly through its rhythms. The music found within "SUPERHUMAN" lends itself first to the ear, and then deeper towards the heart and soul of mankind. Best played in a crowd, alone, for a reason specific or none at all...It Is Just Best PLAYED! (Tommy T. Baughman, Mississippi, USA)

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